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Charrington Court



Charrington Court is a prominent residential building located on Atlanta Boulevard in Romford, East London. Standing tall at 9 floors with a total of 98 apartments, this building is a significant part of the local landscape.

Our team was commissioned by United Living as part of One Housing’s fire remediation program. Our task was to design, supply, and install a comprehensive facade solution that not only met the highest fire-protection standards but also preserved the building’s original aesthetic as envisioned by the Architects.


The scope of our work involved the meticulous removal and replacement of all external cladding and insulation with A-rated non-combustible materials. Rockpanel, known for its quality and durability, was chosen to replace the existing rainscreen cladding and balcony privacy screens. Over 750sqm of facades were expertly installed, featuring Rockpanel’s Alder surface design from their Woods range.

One of the project’s challenges was maintaining the existing cladding line while accommodating the required insulation depth. Thanks to Rockpanel’s test data and innovative solutions, we were able to reduce the rainscreen cavity without compromising on safety or aesthetics.

Ensuring minimal disruption to residents, retail units, and small businesses on the site was a top priority for us. Our team implemented a flexible working system and efficient material movement strategies to minimise the impact on those living and working in the building throughout the project.

For more information on the Charrington Court project, please refer to United Living’s case study below:

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Credit to Rockpanel for all images on this project page.