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Crossway Point


In brief

Working in close collaboration with longstanding client Higgins Partnerships, to fully strip back existing Aluminium Composite Materials (ACM) to the building’s structure, and replace it with a complete A1 system – thereby fully reengineering the building envelope and achieving the highest standards of fire protection.


Higgins Partnerships


Catalyst Housing


Expert fire remediation of an occupied residential building


Crossway Point is a residential building comprising privately owned and rented properties. Having worked closely and successfully with MK Facades on projects of equivalent demand and complexity, Higgins Partnerships invited the specialist team to design, supply and install a comprehensive and future-proof façade system at this location. The client’s positive experience with MK Facades at Dan Court in 2020, factoring in tight timelines and complex planning due to COVID-19 restrictions, gave them confidence in entrusting their requirements to the same experts.


Zero slippage in standards or timing

As is the norm across the construction industry at present, and especially with fire remediation projects, the timeline for this project was a challenging one. Combined with a restrictive site and a unique building design, this demanded creative and efficient project planning and logistics.


Following the initial stripping of the ACM panels, MK Facades implemented the revised design created for Crossway Point. Working alongside architects PRP Partnership, the MK Facades team had led the design stage, helping to secure crucial efficiencies later in the project without creating any compromise on quality or safety.


Safety first. Always.

Of course, the facade design had to achieve the very highest of fire safety standards, but the buildings’ over-hanging eaves added complexity to the task. Designs had to consider the compound angles and Crossway Point’s established aesthetic, while ensuring faultless installation – and compliance with standards far stricter than when the properties were built.


Built-in efficiency

With project efficiency front of mind throughout, MK Facades dealt with complex logistics well in advance in order to secure the necessary storage, office space and human resources onsite. This meticulous forward planning also benefited the occupying residents, who felt safe and reassured, and whose homes endured the absolute minimum exposure during the installation phase.


Factoring in a pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, MK Facades has honoured its obligations and project schedules with expert planning. For example, by reorganising teams to maintain social distancing without compromising quality, safety, or project timelines.


Remove existing ACM soffits and fascia, and replace with solid Vitradual aluminium fabrications.

Install a Tyvek breather membrane to the face of the structure before cladding installation

Remove existing ACM wall cladding to high level (including existing weather defence board) to expose the building fabric, comprising substrates SFS lightweight stud and traditional blockwork.

Install Siniat weather defence board with a Tyvek breather membrane to create a weather line for the system build-up.

Install a cladding support system, comprising a cladding rail and a helping-hand bracket fixed through the weather defence board into the substrate.

Fit fire barrier and insulation to the façade, in strict adherence to agreed specification and design

Install Vitradual flat panel.