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Dan Court


In brief

Higgins Partnerships approached MK Facades to effectively replace Dan Court’s complete building envelope – ie. the entire structural barrier between its interior and exterior – to the highest fire-protection standards, while preserving the building’s aesthetic. This included cladding, glazed-in spandrel panels, balcony decking and brickwork cavity trays, insulation and fire barriers, plus replacing ACM, insulation and cement-particle board with new 3mm aluminium facades.


Higgins Partnerships


Catalyst Housing


Expert fire remediation of an occupied residential building


Dan Court is a residential building of mixed-tenure units, comprising 70 shared ownership and 68 rental flats.

Higgins Partnerships asked us to design, supply and install a new and fully comprehensive facade solution – to not only meet the highest fire-protection standards, but also to maintain the building’s original aesthetic in keeping with PRP Architects’ concept.


Expertise, experience and efficiency
With the building’s outer skin removed, the MK Facades team began stripping the building’s Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) panels on 6 th January 2020, working tirelessly to remove this unsafe cladding as quickly as possible and install appropriate fire-protection measures. This included all insulation, cement particle boards, fire barriers and brickwork tie channels.

Catalyst Housing became aware early in the design process that all window spandrels would need remediation to comply with the latest building standards. MK Facades ensured it was possible to achieve this at the same time as cladding replacement, thereby avoiding typically complex and time-consuming coordination between multiple trades.

As with all residential projects, we worked closely with our client to inform and reassure the building’s occupants throughout the process. This included regular updates on the ‘how, why and when’ of the project’s key stages to completion.

With the very fabric of the building needing replacing – from window seals to visible panels – we added fire barriers at each project stage to keep residents safe at all times.

Overcoming unforeseen limitations
Despite the logistical challenges brought about by COVID-19 we met all of our project obligations on schedule, without compromising safety or quality standards.

Comprehensive safety and reassurance – for owners and residents
The residents of Dan Court can now mortgage, insure and live safely in their homes, with vastly enhanced peace of mind. Meanwhile, Catalyst Housing knows it has certified and dependable fire protection at this location.
Each individual property has a fully bespoke Quality Assurance Pack, including for the balconies. This gives residents access to the full building’s elevation and specification, along with full details of the materials used, and full fire-standard certification.

Remove existing cladding, insulation, brackets, vertical rails and membrane.

Remove aged CP board and EPDM seals and replace with new Y-wall and fire-rated EPDM seals – all in one day to keep the building watertight.

Install new fire-rated breather membrane with the new horizontal bracket and rail system, and install new Siderise fire barriers – RV90/30 around every window, RV120/120 up every party wall and RH120/90 through
every horizontal floor slab level.

Install all window jamb flashings and feature flashings along with 100mm Rockwool Rainscreen duoslab insulation.

Install new Bailey 3mm-thick aluminium panels, sent to scaffold by hoists.

Install OSCI board to the back of the panel at fire barrier positions and secure panel in position.

With 118 balconies, MK Façades developed an innovative, safe and efficient lifting technique to move the balconies away from the building, but keep them in situ instead of moving and storing them at ground level.

Works also included removing existing composite decking and replacing with a new, A-rated aluminium product.